Affordable and clean energy

Nakhchivan State University actively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 7, focusing on affordable and clean energy. The university's initiatives and partnerships in the energy sector demonstrate its commitment to promoting green energy and sustainable practices. Nakhchivan State University has established energy partnerships that have resulted in significant advancements in the adoption of clean energy. In the period from 2017 to 2020, solar and wind power plants with a combined capacity of 13.3 KW were installed on the university campus. This initiative, led by the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering in collaboration with the Nakhchivan State Energy Service, has enabled the faculty building to be powered by electricity generated from these renewable energy sources. The installation of solar and wind power plants not only provides clean energy for the university but also serves as a model for sustainable energy practices. The faculty building's reliance on energy from these panels showcases the practical impact of green energy initiatives. Visual familiarization programs have been organized for students, allowing them to gain practical knowledge about the devices installed on the campus. Additionally, the university actively encourages students and staff to participate in training sessions dedicated to the use of solar panels and other alternative energy technologies, held both locally and internationally. Faculty members engage in continuous scientific research in various fields related to the importance of using renewable energy sources. This research aims to enhance energy efficiency in the Autonomous Republic and reduce costs. Academic staff regularly contribute to prestigious national and international journals and conferences, sharing their findings and insights. Nakhchivan State University's commitment to affordable and clean energy is evident through its practical initiatives, educational programs, and ongoing research, aligning with the principles of SDG 7.