Nakhchivan State University (NSU), prioritizing environmental sustainability, hereby expresses our commitment and determination to reduce and ultimately eliminate carbon emissions as follows:

• 70% Reduction by 2035: NSU pledges to reduce carbon emissions by at least 70% below current levels by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, we will develop carbon reduction strategies, enhance energy efficiency, and promote the adoption of renewable energy sources.

• Zero Emission by 2045: In alignment with our goal to eliminate carbon emissions by 2033, we will take necessary steps to establish carbon-neutral infrastructure on the university campus. We will maximize the use of renewable energy sources, improve waste management practices, and encourage sustainable transportation.

• Education and Awareness: Continuous educational programs and awareness campaigns will be conducted among students, faculty, and staff to disseminate knowledge on the impacts of carbon emissions and mitigation strategies.

• Zero Waste Policy: We will adopt zero waste policies to support our carbon reduction efforts by improving waste management practices, promoting recycling, and minimizing waste generation.

• Sustainable Transportation: Measures will be implemented to encourage the use of public transportation, develop eco-friendly transportation alternatives such as bike lanes and pedestrian pathways, and reduce campus vehicular traffic.

• Monitoring and Evaluation: Appropriate systems will be established to monitor, report, and regularly evaluate carbon emissions, enabling continuous improvement efforts.

With this pledge, NSU publicly declares its commitment to environmental sustainability and our goals to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions.