Objective Activity Date of intended execution Cooperation can be facilitated Responsible persons Implementation oversight Additional remarks
Objective-1 The International Conference aims to facilitate scholarly discourse on climate change research, the imperative of reducing carbon emissions to meet the 1.5-degree target, and the advocacy for green energy initiatives. Until May 15, 2024. Professors and educators from other universities, research centers, academies of sciences, etc. Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs: Assoc. E.S. Asdaov, Scientific Secretary: Assoc. O.C. Jafarov. Rector
Objective-2 The Action Hub serves as a dynamic platform hosting debates, special presentations, contests focusing on climate action solutions, interactive activities, educational programs, digital demonstrations, and other engaging events. These initiatives are streamed live on the UNFCCC webcast page, enabling global access, and video files can be made available for download upon request, ensuring broader dissemination and accessibility of valuable content. In both the first and second halves of the year (not fewer than 2). Business representatives, investors, government officials, civil society members, cultural figures, and media personalities. Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs: Assoc. E.S. Asdaov, Director of Finance Department: Vusal Novruzov. Rector
Objective-3 The arrangement of a two-day 'COP 29' camp for both students and educators at the Agbulag Recreation Center. May 19-21, 2024 Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Trade Union Council, student organizations, and clubs. Advisor to the Rector (on strategic development). Rector
Objective-4 The organization of the "AgriTech Hackathon" in collaboration with Erzurum Technical University. May 17-19, 2024 Foreign universities, local partners Advisor to the Rector (on strategic development). Rector
Objective-5 Tree Planting Campaign: Designation of a Specific Area for Green Strip Installation, Involving Volunteer Students, and Ensuring Year-Round Maintenance of the Strip. May 01-30, 2024. The Student Youth Organization of Nakhchivan State University and other student clubs (under the supervision of SYO). Head of the Department of facility and service: Jeyhun Kangarli Rector
Objective-6 Implementation of Green Energy Initiatives within the University Campus, Utilizing Alternative Energy Sources, and Dissemination of Achievements. Expansion of Green Spaces Across the University Premises and Maintenance of Existing Vegetative Covers. Mitigation of Carbon Emissions in the Campus Vicinity and Designation of Tobacco-Free Zones within the Facilities." kənarda tütün məhsul-larının istifadəsinin qadağan edildiyinə dair lövhələrin yerləşdirilməsi. Throughout the year 2024." Nakhchivan State University, Student Youth Organization (SYO). Head of the Department of facility and Service: Jeyhun Kangarli, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering: Prof. C. I. Zeynalov Rector