Good health and well-being

Nakhchivan State University is deeply committed to advancing Sustainable Development Goal 3, which focuses on ensuring good health and well-being for all. Through various initiatives and projects, the university actively promotes the physical and mental well-being of its staff and students. Initiated in 2018 as "First Aid Simulations" at the Medical Faculty, this project, aims to organize health trainings and preventive consultations for university students and secondary school pupils in Nakhchivan Autonomous aid skills and promoting preventive health measures.

Recognizing the significance of students' physical and emotional well-being, Nakhchivan State University Hospital provides a range of services to support students throughout their academic journey. These services include check-ups, consultations, and mental health support. The hospital staff, comprised of professional doctors, nurses, and counselors, ensures comprehensive support for students both within the university and beyond. Importantly, all hospital services are provided free of charge to university students.

Since 2020, the Faculty of Medicine, under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. ─░lhame Mustafayeva, has initiated the "Prophylactic Medical Examinations" project. This project involves medical examinations and simulations conducted in cities and districts within the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The project team, consisting of students from medicine, pharmacy, and stomatology, along with physician-residents and faculty physician-lecturers, conducts prophylactic consultations and first aid demonstrations for various health-related situations. Starting in September 2023, the "Healthy Student Camp" project, authored by Abdulla Aliyev, a fourth-year student of the Medical Faculty, is organized by the NSU Medical Faculty and the Student Trade Union Committee. The camp focuses on providing different trainings and informative sessions led by medical faculty students. Topics covered include first aid in cases of clinical death, suffocation, shock, coma, bleeding, poisoning, and injuries such as fractures and sprains. Nakhchivan State University's proactive approach to health and well-being demonstrates its dedication to fostering a campus environment that prioritizes the holistic health of its academic community.